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Comprehensive Guide to Betting on EPL on 10bet Zambia


The English Premier League is a top-tier football competition in England that's been growing in popularity for years. Over four billion people across the world have their eyes fixed on what can only be considered the most competitive football matches out there. Even when it comes to wagering on sports,

the English Premier League betting remains unmatched. More bets have been placed on the Premier League fixtures than on Italy’s Serie A and Germany’s Bundesliga combined. The best 20 teams from England go head to head in a 38-match season to determine the champion.

During its 30-year history under the name of Premier League, only six teams have come out on top, with Manchester United holding the most titles, currently capped at 13. 

Will Manchester United snap out of its lacklustre start of the 2022/23 season, or will its city rival Manchester City remain dominant, are questions of interest for pundits and punters alike. If you want to explore various futures and other EPL online betting offers, 10bet ZM is your prime destination. 

10bet ZM will bring you top odds for all EPL fixtures, lucrative bonuses, and numerous betting markets that let you bet on EPL the right way. Our specialised guides will also help you elevate your betting game to a new level, so let’s dive right in. 

EPL History in Detail

The English Premier League celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2022. However, even before 1992 and the EPL's inaugural year, England had an organised football competition. The EPL’s predecessor was the Football League First Division, originally founded in 1888. 

After almost a century of organised football came the 80s and early 90s, threatening to wreak havoc on the most popular sport on the island. Namely, outbursts from hooligans during those years resulted in tragic outcomes, such as the Heysel Stadium disaster, where 39 fans lost their lives during the match between Liverpool and Juventus in Belgium. 

The 1985/86 season was marked by numerous hiccups. It even went without TV coverage at first since the interested parties couldn’t come to an agreement. All of these events were alarm bells for the management of the competition and the teams to do something about the fate of football. 

In 1991, English First Division clubs signed the Founder Members Agreement to establish the Premier League. The new EPL had the right to sign commercial, independent deals from the Football League and the FA. The first season of the EPL was in 1992/1993, featuring 22 teams. 

A total of 20 teams have played in the league since the 1994/95 season, which is also the case with the EPL today. Only six teams have been consistently present in the competition; among them are Chelsea, Arsenal, Everton, Liverpool, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur. 

The mid and late 90s were dominated by Manchester United, with the exception of the 1995 season when Blackburn Rovers managed to take home the trophy thanks to Shearer's 37 goals. 

In the early 2000s, more specifically, from 2007 to 2009, Manchester United managed to win a three-peat, a feat not many clubs can rival. 

Recently, the EPL has been a lopsided affair. Manchester City and Liverpool are the two teams vying for the title, with Chelsea, Tottenham, and other members of the big six group hoping for their shot. 

English Premier League 2022 Teams

Among the 20 teams in the English Premier League, seven of them are from London, namely Arsenal, Chelsea, Fulham, Brentford, Crystal Palace, Tottenham Hotspur, and West Ham United. The only other cities to host more than one team are Manchester (with Manchester United and Manchester City) and Liverpool (with Everton and Liverpool).

The three teams that got promoted from the Championship are Fulham, Bournemouth and Nottingham Forest (a team that’s returning after a 23-years hiatus from top-flight football). Burnley is now relegated to the Championship after six years in the EPL, together with Watford and Norwich City, who haven’t managed to hold their own and remain in the league. 

The following table features all the teams from the 2022/23 season, together with their locations. 






Aston Villa










Crystal Palace






Leeds United


Leicester City




Manchester City


Manchester United


Newcastle United


Nottingham Forest

West Bridgford



Tottenham Hotspur


West Ham United


Wolverhampton Wanderers


How to Start Betting on EPL — Step-by-Step Guide 

If you are a novice at EPL betting, 10bet ZM has got you covered. Here are all the steps you need to take to place your first EPL bet. 


  1. Go straight to our homepage and hit the Join Now button. 

  2. Insert a valid mobile phone number. 

  3. Create a 4-digit pin and confirm it. 

  4. Check the box saying you are over 18 and that you agree to the site’s T&Cs. 

  5. A code will be sent to your phone to verify the number. 

  6. Confirm the phone number and your account. 

  7. Claim the generous welcome bonus from 10bet Zambia upon depositing. 

  8. Under the sports categories, choose football, and then England. 

  9. Browse the betting offer and make your picks. 

  10. Select the stake and confirm your choices on the betslip.


Your bets will be visible in the My Bets section, where you can follow your progress. Once settled, the potential winnings from your bets will be visible in your balance and available for a cashout. Of course, you will have to complete the wagering requirements first if you want to cash out the winnings. 

10bet Zambia EPL Betting Odds

On average, every EPL fixture on 10bet Zambia will have between 50 and 500 betting markets, and if there’s one thing that all of them have in common, it’s the competitive odds. 

EPL odds at 10bet ZM are a guarantee that you will get the best possible value for money. If you are wondering how that is possible, the answer is rather simple. The odds are determined by the bookmaker and reflect the ratio between the money staked and the possible winnings on a particular outcome. 

Without going into detail about maths, it’s enough to know that 10bet Zambia is sometimes willing to lower the juice or its profits so that you can have better odds. This is particularly the case with EPL outright odds, which are among the best in the market. 

Here’s an example of how to read EPL odds on 10bet Zambia. 

Namely, the site uses a decimal format, which is one of the easiest to master. Say Manchester United is hosting Liverpool on Saturday lunchtime. The odds for Manchester taking the three points are 5.00, which means that if you want to back them at those odds with 100 kwacha, your payout will be 500 kwacha (400 kwacha in net profit). 

Note that 10bet Zambia is required to hold 20% of your winnings since that is the mandatory withholding tax rate for sports betting in Zambia, as stipulated by law and the Lottery and Betting Control Board of Zambia, which issued a licence to 10bet. 

So, in this case, your profits won’t be 400 kwacha, but 320 kwacha. 

How EPL Football Betting Works — Types of Bets 

English Premier League betting at 10bet Zambia entails hundreds of different bets. The betting markets range from the traditional moneyline wagers where you choose the winner of the match to handicaps, totals, and many of the specials that include the number of yellow card bookings. 

If you want to learn about EPL online betting options at 10bet ZM, you’ve come to the right place. 


1X2 or match bets are the most basic forms of betting on EPL football. You can place a bet on three possible outcomes of a match — a home team win, a win for the away team, or a draw. Note that the 1X2 bets refer to the outcomes after 90 minutes, so if there is extra or stoppage time or if there are penalties after the initial 90 minutes, the valid result will be a draw in that case. 

Double Chance 

Double chance is another popular betting market. Thanks to this bet, you can cover two out of three possible outcomes of a match in a single bet. For example, you can bet that the home team will win or that the game will end in a draw. In both cases, your wager will go through. The same goes for the away team. Ultimately, you can bet that either of the teams will win. In that case, the odds will be the lowest out of all three. 

Total Goals

The total goals bet, as its name suggests, refers to the total number of goals you think will be scored during a game. Your job is to predict whether that number will be over or under the given margin. The baseline number is not a whole number, so there is only one possible outcome — over or under. For instance, if the offer of goals is 2.5 goals, your over bet means that you think there will be at least three goals. If you bet under, your bet is a winner if there are fewer than two goals in the match. 

Draw No Bet 

Draw no bet is an exciting option for most bettors since it offers a little bit of protection. Namely, say you place a bet on the outcome of any match in the EPL today. If that game ends in a draw, you will get half of your stake back. Note that the odds for this bet are usually lower than in most other bets. 

Both Teams to Score 

Just like its name suggests, this bet allows you to wager on whether both teams will score or not. It’s a perfect option for those presumably high-scoring fixtures. 


Handicap wagering takes a bit more skill and luck. Your objective will be to predict the outcome of a match when one team has a certain goal margin to cover the total. For example, in a match between Chelsea and Fulham, the goal margin assigned to Chelsea is -2.5, which means that if you back Chelsea to win, it must do so with at least a three-goal difference for your bet to stand. If the match ends in a draw or the Chelsea squad falls short, you lose the bet. 

Asian Handicap 

Handicap betting can also take the form of the Asian handicap. It is a whole goal handicap wager that has a safety net for the bettors. Say Liverpool is hosting Everton, and the handicap goal margin is -1 for Liverpool and +2 on Everton. This means that if you bet on Liverpool and they win by a two-goal margin or more, your bet stands. You do not profit if they lose or draw. However, if they win by a one-goal margin, you will get your stake back. 

If you place a bet on Everton, you will win if they win, draw, or lose by a single-goal margin. If they lose by a two-goal margin, you get your stake back. 


The half-time/full-time bet is a very simple one since you bet on the result of the first and/or the second half. You can bet on both home and away teams or draw for a single half or both halves. It takes a lot of skill and inside knowledge of the team’s tendencies to start or finish strong. 

Correct Score 

The correct score is also very popular and easy to use. You should select the correct score in an EPL match from the options available at 10bet ZM. The more challenging the score, the better the payouts. 

EPL Outright Bets 

10bet Zambia brings you a collection of different EPL outrights, which are bets that will get settled at the end of the season. With these, you can predict the winner of the entire competition, the team that will get relegated, and many other outcomes. Here are a few interesting bets offering some of the best EPL outright odds


  • To finish in the top half — Choose which team will finish in the top half of the scoreboard. 

  • Who will finish higher in the league — You will get to pick which of the two teams that are head-to-head finishes higher in the league. 

  • Winner of the EPL without the Big 6 — Select a team to win the EPL other than the Big 6 (Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Arsenal, Manchester United, and Tottenham).

  • Top goalscorer — Identify the top goalscorer of the league. 

  • To finish bottom — Try to guess which team will come in last. 

  • Relegation — You can bet on any team finishing in the bottom three positions. 

Player and Team Props 

Props, or proposition bets, are among the player favourites at 10bet Zambia due to the diversity of outcomes and situations you can bet on. For starters, there are bookings and corners. You can bet on the number of bookings in a game, if there will be sending off or not, or how many corners there will be, and which team will have the first corner. 

Also, some player props, such as the number of assists, goals, shots, or even tackles, can be very rewarding in terms of odds. 

English Premier League Live Betting 

Once the EPL kicks off, the showtime is underway, thanks to 10bet Zambia’s extensive live betting coverage. 

You can explore dozens of different betting markets that apply to matches already underway. You can place some cash on the team you believe will score the next goal or predict the correct score of the game.

The best thing about live betting on EPL football is that the odds and the availability of betting markets will change to reflect the situation on the pitch. For example, if Arsenal is two goals behind Nottingham Forest at halftime, the odds of them making a comeback will be astronomical. If you believe the Gunners have what it takes to bounce back, backing them can lead to some hefty payouts. 

The odds movement is indicated with coloured arrows where the green one indicates an increase in the odds, while the red one points to a decline. 

You can also take advantage of the detailed statistics overview that can show you how the teams are playing at the moment, in addition to their head-to-head encounters, current standings, and more. 

10bet EPL Betting App 

The 10bet EPL betting app is the fastest and safest way to place a bet on any English Premier League fixture, no matter where you are. 


We have developed a proprietary mobile betting app for Android devices that offers fast and simple navigation, great stability, and a full range of wagering options so that you can bet on EPL and other competitions on the go. What’s more, the app allows players to claim bonus deals and access customer support and other essential sections of the site, just like they would on the desktop version. 

You can download the app directly from 10bet ZM, so there’s no need to go to Google Play Store. Also, the app is just as secure and reliable as any software of this kind. 

Once you have downloaded the app, you can log in or create a new account, browse EPL matches, and make your bets. 

English Premier League Betting Tips

First of all, what makes EPL so exciting to bet on is how surprises happen all the time. Sure, Manchester City, Liverpool, and other members of the Big 6 are the likely favourites in almost every matchup, but even these teams have had their fair share of slow starts and disappointing seasons. 

Still, we are happy to be able to share betting tips English Premier League bettors can use to boost their chances of success. 

Analyse Stats 

We’ll have to delve into maths again, but we can’t help it because it’s crucial. You should resort to a deeper analysis of statistics surrounding the two teams competing. These stats include head-to-head scores, the current form, win probability, win or loss streaks, and many other data that can help you predict the outcome of the match with more accuracy. 

Luckily for you, all these stats are available right here at 10bet Zambia. By clicking on the column graph next to each EPL fixture, you’ll get all the info you need. For instance, from the one between the Tottenham Hotspurs and the Wolverhampton Wanderers, you can see that since 2003, the teams have met 17 times, nine of which went Tottenham's way, whereas Wolverhampton won five. Only three games ended in a draw, so that is probably not a likely outcome. 

Follow Rumour Mills and News 

If you pay close attention to the rumour mill and the news surrounding the players and teams, there will be many interesting takeaways. Sometimes players are not happy with the treatment they were getting in previous teams, like Gabriel Jesus, who is now playing for Arsenal after five years at Manchester City. He now holds a classic striker’s position and is no longer a wing player like he was for Pep Guardiola’s team, which means he is poised to score more goals than before. 

Also, by keeping track of the news reports, you can find out more about injured players, which will definitely help you predict the potential lineups and, consequently, the outcome of the match. 

Claim Bonuses and Promotions

10bet doesn’t shy away from rewarding its customers with lucrative bonuses and promotions every chance we get. The welcome bonus deal is aimed at newcomers to 10bet ZM and will give you deposit bonuses, free bets, and other perks. Regular players can also get cashback deals, entries to the EPL Lucky Draw, spins on the Lucky Wheel, and many other bonuses. 

Note that each of the bonus deals we offer has its own set of rules and T&Cs you need to review. These include but are not limited to wagering requirements, odds requirements, and other details you need to read about to learn how to turn the bonus into real withdrawable cash. 

Don’t Place Too Many Bets 

Tempting as it may be, don’t include too many selections on your betslip. The more selections you have, the lower the probability of all of them coming through. Make sure to keep an optimal number of them and that each bet you place is a product of thorough analysis and odds movements. 

Don’t Always Back Your Favourite Team 

It’s easy to place a bet on your favourite team. The reasoning behind this move is that if your team prevails, you’ll be twice as happy. However, making biassed bets is never a good solution. It can seriously hurt your chances of winning. 

Learn to Manage Your Bankroll 

Don't forget to keep your head in the game while betting. That’s the motto all bettors should live by, especially those looking to engage in some world-class English Premier League betting. Always bet the amount you can afford to lose so that you don’t jeopardise your livelihood. 

Also, don’t try to chase your losses. It’s always better to cool down a bit and place your bets after a careful analysis of the EPL odds than do so on a whim. 

Why 10bet?

10bet is a top betting platform in Zambia with a growing number of punters. The following section will explain where 10bet ZM's success lies. 

Licensed and Regulated

10bet is a proud holder of a licence by the Lottery and Betting Control Board of the Government of the Republic of Zambia, under the licence number 000882, which means it has passed all the safety, fairness, and security checks, ensuring you are in completely safe hands. 

Competitive EPL Odds 

10bet Zambia boasts one of the most competitive odds for the EPL. In fact, you’ll find good odds not just for the English Premier League but other sports and competitions as well, which can only mean a great payout potential. 

Hundreds of Betting Markets 

There likely won’t be an EPL fixture that doesn’t offer at least 100 betting markets. The closer we are to the game’s kickoff, the more markets will become available. Players can enjoy many exotic bets, accumulators, handicaps, and proposition wagers that can diversify the entire betting experience. What’s more, there’s always an exceptional live betting offer for all those who like to bet on the matches in progress and capitalise on the fluctuating EPL odds. 

Lucrative Bonus Deals 

We are more than happy to reward our players in every way we can, and that includes generous bonuses and promotions. Our Bonus page will always feature deposit deals, free bet promotions, cashback deals, prize draws, and many of the highly sought-after promos in the industry. 

These bonuses are not only available to newcomers but also to regular players. Furthermore, winners are always welcome at 10bet. Our 10bet Winners' Club promotions feature some of the most rewarding promos for winning betslips, such as Africa's biggest 1,000% Multi Bet bonus. 

Fast Deposits and Cashouts 

In addition to offering local payment methods for Zambia, 10bet has ensured all deposits are processed instantly and that withdrawals are quick as well. There are no fees for the transactions to worry about, only those charged by your payment processors. 

The deposit and payout limits are also flexible. For example, the minimum withdrawal amount is only ZMW 1, while the maximum amount is ZMW 12,000.

Fast Bet Settlement 

On average, it takes no more than 30 minutes upon the match’s conclusion for the bets to settle. Even if the matches get cancelled or postponed, the bets will be resolved within 24 hours at the latest. 

Superb Mobile App

The 10bet ZM mobile app for Android devices is on par with all the latest tech trends in the world of sports betting apps. It offers smooth navigation, a fast response rate, a user-friendly interface, and all the betting features you can find in the desktop version of the site. 

The app is continuously updated with new features to ensure no glitches and bugs interfere with your seamless betting experience. 

Reliable Customer Support 

In case you have any problems browsing 10bet ZM, the 24/7 customer support team is there to help you out. The live chat option is the best for all pressing matters. The email support you can reach by sending an email at  [email protected] is perfect for general inquiries. You can also fill out a form and request a call back from the operator if that is your preferred method of communication. 

No matter which way you contact 10bet, you’ll receive the assistance you need.


How do I bet on the EPL from Zambia?

To place a bet on EPL today, you need to register an account with 10bet. Complete the registration procedure, make a deposit, and head to the English Premier League section to browse the games and available betting markets. Once you have made your picks, input the stake, and that’s it. 

What is the minimum bet I can make on an EPL fixture?

The minimum bet you can place is ZMW 1. Once you’ve made a bet, there is no cancelling or changing it. 

What is the maximum I can win from EPL?

The maximum winnings you can accrue within a 24-hour period is ZMW 2,000,000.

Can I bet on EPL matches using my phone?

Yes, you can. 10bet ZM has an optimised mobile web browser version of its site and a dedicated Android mobile betting app for you to use and have a more customisable and stable betting experience. 

Is EPL online betting fair?

Absolutely, as long as you are playing at 10bet. We are a regulated betting platform with a licence from the Lottery and Betting Control Board, which guarantees safety and fairness.


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