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10bet Pick6 Zambia — Predict Correct Scores for 6 Matches and Win ZMW 150,000

On 10bet Zambia, every registered player has the chance to participate in the free Pick6 game. This type of betting is simple yet potentially very lucrative, as you only need to place a bet and predict the correct scores for six football matches. The total prize is ZMW 150,000; however, you have to be lucky and skilful enough to get them right. 

Nevertheless, there’s still much more you need to know about the Pick6 game if you want to be a successful bettor and win the massive jackpot. Keep reading to learn what Pick6 is, how it works, how to participate, how to make a more accurate football score prediction, and much more. 

What Is Pick6?

Pick6 is a free-to-play game where the goal is to predict the correct scores of six football matches accurately. You need to create a standard accumulator bet with six selections, each with a correct score. As you’re betting on specific upcoming football matches, you need to be an avid football fan to have a good chance of winning. 

You’ll get the chance to make selections on various football matches, be it a game in the Champions League, English Premier League, COSAFA Cup, UEFA Europa Conference League, or something different. The more passionate you are about the league, the better your correct score prediction will be. 

10bet aims to make these selections as versatile as possible, so players get the chance to wager on various tournaments, leagues, and specific matches. 

On top of that, the matches typically occur within a similar period, so you won’t have to wait too long to learn if you’ve won. They usually play out within a day or two. 

The big prize for the winner of the Pick6 game at 10bet Zambia is 150,000 kwacha. So, if you correctly guess all the scores, you are in for a big treat. Plus, there’s no limit on how many times you can play, so even if you lose now, you’ll get the chance to win later. 

Pick6 is quite popular in numerous sportsbooks today, in Zambia and beyond. However, only 10bet Zambia makes it so simple to join and play, all the while providing the winners with a massive prize. The award is always a good incentive to play the game rather than making regular bets. As it’s free to play, it’s a nice change of pace for your betting journey. 

Pick6 Game Explained

The goal of the Pick6 game is to make a correct score prediction for six matches. These matches are pre-selected for you, so you can’t make just any correct score bet. 

Once you’ve made your selections, you need to wait for the games to end to see if your guesses are accurate. If that ends up being the case, you’ll end up with the main prize. Naturally, if there are more winners, the contestants will share the large prize. 

You also need to ensure you’ve made your selections and placed your bet on time, that is, before that specific Pick6 game starts. 

The site will track your progress and everyone else’s, ensuring you receive your prize if you win. 

Remember that you’ll be collecting points, so you need to accumulate enough to win. The site will track the points, but you can also check the Leaderboard section to see your current score and where you rank among the other contestants. 


Here’s how it all works:

  • Points are based on the prediction type.

  • If your bet score prediction of the outcome is correct, you’ll win 5 points. This goes for a home win, an away win, and a draw. 

  • If your live score prediction ends up being correct and the final result of the event match, then you’ll get 10 points. 


In the end, bear in mind that if a match that’s part of Pick6 is postponed or doesn’t play out, you won’t receive points. That match will simply not play into the Pick6 game. 

How to Start Playing Pick6 on 10bet?

If you want to put your football knowledge to the test, Pick6 is the perfect game for it. Besides the fact that you have to make an accurate football prediction for correct score bets, you also need to follow the rules to be eligible for the grand prize of ZMW 150,000.

Here’s a step-by-step explanation of what you need to do to enter the Pick6 game on 10bet Zambia:

Log in or Register on 10bet Zambia

If you’re already a member of 10bet, you only need to log in with your credentials. 

If you’re not, you have to click the Register button and follow the sign-up procedure. Make sure to provide accurate information, including your phone number. You’ll have to verify it to complete your profile. You also have to be 18 or older to join. 

Deposit Funds

Pick6 is a free-to-join and free-to-play game, but you still need money to place wagers, so you’ll have to deposit some funds first. 

Go to My Account and pick a payment method in the Deposit section. Enter the amount you want to deposit and other necessary information for your payment method to make a smooth transaction. Once you’re done, confirm the payment, and the money should reach your account instantly. 

Enter the Pick6 game 

Click the Play Now button to enter the Pick6 game. There will be six matches that you need to bet on. You only need to pick a score with simple-to-use controls and submit your results. 

Double-check your correct score predictions so you don’t enter a result you don’t believe in by mistake. Naturally, you’ll have to study the matches first, and being an avid fan will help you make accurate predictions.

A Stats button beneath each selection opens up a page with detailed numbers and statistics on the teams playing, which should help you study the game and make a better call. 

Once you’ve decided on the selections, you can place your bets, and you’ll automatically join the game. Then you can check the results, follow the leaderboards, and continue playing to get the best chance of winning. 

Once the game is over, the player with the most points will win. Then, we’ll make sure to provide new selections for another Pick6 game, so you’ll have the chance to participate again if you want to. 

How to Withdraw Your Pick6 Winnings

You don’t have to do anything special to withdraw your Pick6 winnings from 10bet Zambia. With an active account on the site, the process is the same as when withdrawing any other winnings.


Here’s how that works:

  1. Log in to the 10bet website.

  2. Go to the My Account section. 

  3. Click on Withdraw. 

  4. Pick the withdrawal method you want to use. 

  5. Enter the necessary details if you haven’t used the method before and input the amount you want to withdraw. 

  6. Confirm the payment and wait for the money to reach you.

Don’t forget that the minimum amount you can withdraw in a single day is ZMW 1, while the maximum is ZMW 12,000. 

Playing Pick6 on Mobile

The Pick6 game on 10bet Zambia works the same on both desktop and phone. As a result, you can visit this page on your smartphone and start playing it as you would on the computer. 

The site is optimised for all modern smartphones, so no matter which device you’re using, you’ll have no problems accessing 10bet. 

You’ll be able to start playing the Pick6 game at any time, and you won’t have to worry about it looking different. The mobile version of the 10bet site is pretty much the same as its desktop counterpart. If you’ve never used our site on the phone, you’ll find the transition smooth and easy. 

You can also download the Android app for your phone if you prefer apps. The download and installation process is quick and easy, while the app itself is similar to the mobile site version. 

How to Make Accurate Predictions and Win in the Pick6 Game

Playing the Pick6 game is quite easy, as you’ve already seen. However, winning is a whole different matter. You need to guess all six scores correctly, which is not easy to do. Trying to guess one correct score is tough, but the more you have to estimate, the more challenging it gets. 

If you want to be better than other players and get to the top of the leaderboard, here are a few tips that should help you become a better punter.

Know What You’re Betting On

The most important thing you need to do here is to know what you’re betting on. Making an accurate football score prediction is hard enough for regular match winner bets, but it’s even more challenging when you need to predict the correct score of a match. 

The bigger the fan of the sport you are, the better. As the Pick6 game operates on points, the more you guess correctly, the more points you score. You don’t have to guess everything correctly all the time to win, but you need to be better than the other punters participating. 

Learn About the Teams and the Squads Playing

Once again, the more information you have, the better you’ll be at making accurate football game predictions. 

The most important thing is to get to know the teams. If you aren’t familiar with any, read up on them. See how well they’ve been playing recently, the form of their squads, key players, and more. Check their previous scores, especially the games they’ve played against each other. 

Additionally, it would be good to read up on the current club politics and to look into the recent news to see if there’s something that might influence their play. 

The average number of goals each team recently scored should also help you determine the outcome of the upcoming match. 

Check the Likeliest Scores for the Tournament 

We usually pick games from notable football events like certain European leagues and international championships. This should be of help to you as some exact scores are more common than others in every league. 

Naturally, you can always go for the standard 1–0 score for the favourite, as it’s one of the most prevalent football results. However, it’s always best to check the most common stats for the teams playing and their leagues. Once you know who is more likely to win, you’ll have everything you need to predict the actual score. 

Check the Odds 

Check the odds for the match you’re betting on. First, look at the odds for the match-winner to find out who has the best chance of winning. After that, visit the Correct Score section to see what the odds are on various scores for the match. You’ll probably see predictions for all the most likely scores, and the best odds are the only ones you should consider. 

Naturally, some experience will also be necessary, but those, along with your gut feeling, should be sufficient to guide you.

Get Advice From Other Punters 

If you’re unsure of your predictions, you can always look for some assistance. Prediction pages and correct score betting tips can be of some help, but it’s always best to ask for advice from veteran punters. You can ask some friends or look for experienced bettors online who are willing to share their knowledge. 

Ultimately, it will all still come down to your knowledge, experience, and gut feeling.


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