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The wheel deal.
Bet ZMW 50+
and get a free
spin on our
Wheel Of Fortune

Two steps to your free spin:

1. Generate a daily turnover of ZMW 50+ on any sport with min odds of 1.50.
2. Login the day after to claim you free spin on the Wheel of Fortune and stand a chance to win a prize.

For the bettor.

Terms and conditions

1. Promo period - from 00:01 CAT Monday until 23:59 CAT Sunday each week.
2. 10bet Wheel of Fortune can be unlocked once per day per player.
3. To gain a free spin for the 10bet Wheel of Fortune players need to generate turnover of minimum ZMW 50.
4. Free spin to given on the next available day.
4.1. Free spins generated on Friday / Saturday / Sunday will be given at once on Monday
4.2. Players who earned a free spin, will be notified via SMS on the next day.
5. Free bets won from the 10bet Wheel of Fortune are valid for 3 days.
6. Free bets won from the 10bet Wheel of Fortune can be used on singles or combos with min. odds of 1.50.
7. Players who unlock the 10bet Wheel of Fortune have 1 (one) available spin per day, unless another spin is won from the game.
8. This promotion cannot be combined with any other promotion. It cannot be used as a qualification requirement for other promotions.
9. 10bet reserves the right to suspend players from the promo due to fraudulent activity.
10. These T&Cs are subject to the General 10bet Terms & Conditions and the 10bet General Promotion Terms.



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