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V-League terms

V-League is game that provides a computer-generated presentation of a totally random number draw result where the outcomes are decided by numbers selected by a Random Number Generator (RNG).


The wagering options closely mimic the options that are offered when betting on live sports. Although the league names and the team names in V-League can closely resemble actual league names and team names, there is no connection between them. 


The game provides a 24/7/365 real money betting experience. Leagues consist of 20 teams. Every round (match day or week) there is a full schedule of games. Every 2 minutes a new round starts. Each game consists of 2 halves. These halves will be played without a break in between. Each round represents a week in a season and will take a minute to finish. During that minute the scores for each game are updated until they are final, after which the bets will be graded. Bets can be placed at any time, even within a season. There is no minimum number of bets required.


All markets are pre-match. Wagers placed while a round is in play, are placed for the following round. All wagering options are for the Full Game results only.


Placing multiple selections in the betting slip will result in an accumulator wager. For an accumulator wager to pay out, all selections must come true. To place multiple single selection wagers, post each selection individually.


When placing an accumulator wager, the bonus bar will show the bonus % that is added to the payout of the wager when it wins. The bonus amount is also shown at the bottom of the ticket and is included in the total payout.


Malfunction voids all pays and play.


The following pre-match markets are available for V-League:


1X2 : Match-Up or Match Winner

A market to predict the final outcome of the game, either the home side to win, the away side to win, or the teams to tie.


GG : Both Teams to Score, Home Team to Score and Away Team to Score

Yes/No markets on whether or not both teams, the home team or the away team will score at least one goal.


O/U 2.5 : Total Goals 

Over/Under market on the total amount of points scored in the match.


DC : Double Chance

Two out of the three Match Winner options in one bet. For example, the home team to win or a Tie.

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