About us

So, we're 10bet.

A sport betting and casino brand established in 2003. Here at 10bet we treat betting differently.

Its not "better" or "worse" its just… well actually, it is better.

We cover more than 60 sports with thousands of markets, and we spice them with crazy daily free bets we bet you wont find anywhere else (except in 10bet app).

Wed like to tell you about our casino too, but if well start talking about the piles of live tables, the countless stream of newest slots, the special offers… you see? We simply cant stop.

Its better if youll simply check it out for yourself.

Since our motto is for "for the bettor", every little thing we do or dont do is derived by our bettors well-being. Thats why well stop wasting your precious time with intros and get down to business.

1. Massive coverage of sports & events

Our betting markets cover everything from Champions League to Championship, NFL to NBA, greyhounds to horses, floorball to water polo… You name it, we have it.

2. Live bets

Every moment you spend reading this is a moment you miss loads of live matches that are happening right now - all with live stats and instant payouts. So read fast.

3. Innovative features

"Oh, thats a sweet feature!" is something you’re gonna say quite a lot, so try change the wording once a while so you wont get bored. Not that you can get bored with all those sweet daily features.

4. Almost exaggerated range of slots (coming soon)

To enjoy all our slots, there must be an enormous amount of you. One man alone simply cant handle all these handles. We know its buttons now, but we couldnt avoid the pun.

5. State-of-the-art Jackpots

Can you hear the "Ding-Ding-Ding" and the delightful sound of the "ka-ching"?

Of course not, because youre in the "about us" section and not in our sparkling, lively casino.

6. Best promotions and VIP program

Our welcome bonus is indeed very welcoming, but its the constant flow of reloads, free bets, gifts and many more surprises that makes you feel more at home than a pair of slippers.

7. Serious about your security

Our bettors trust us to handle thousands of transactions every day, using the most reliable names in the business. Protecting your data is our priority. And no, theres no joke here.

8. Responsible betting, always

With great fun comes great responsibility. 10bet is licensed by the local licensing authority and have a range of tools that keeps you in control. Being here for the bettor means going the extra mile to make sure you always enjoy fair, safe and manageable play.

9. Easy to use and easy on the eye

Outstanding odds combined with an outstanding betting experience is very nice, but we dont stop here, no sir! Or mam. Our mobile platform makes sure you enjoy 10bet anytime, anywhere. From fast payouts to clear graphics and language, we do everything to make 10bet quick, easy, stylish and a pleasure to use.

10. The finishing touch: heart and soul

To us, this is more than a business – it’s a brilliant way to bring enjoyment and excitement to our bettors’ lives. We’re passionate about betting and we’ll keep doing everything we can to improve. If you have ideas, we’re all ears.

Apparently, were all mouth too, so enough talking and let the games begin!

10bet. For the bettor.